Childlike dates make magic

Magnetic. So often I am turned to for dating advice and thought I’d share my past weekend here. We went to Soho to watch the Derby. I arrived late as my love affair with my yoga class on Saturdays is a high, an addiction, I am unwilling to sacrifice. So, when I was dating Mr. Hot Simple I was hit on everywhere I went, oddly with him nearby. I found it strange, but then I realized that with him, I always smiled. I was comfortable, myself. So, smile.

There was a man with haunting blue eyes and an accent that made me sigh. From Cape Town his energy was different from the men of New York, his wit¬†unparalleled. The lounge allowed dogs and I concocted a plan that we should steal his friend’s. With a note of course. No reason to make someone’s heart palpitate. Of course, Sunday I receive a text: “Our plan of attack will need to be well orchestrated. Probably responsible for us to meet to discuss our strategy?” And one thing led to the next. And we went exploring for a discrete place to have drinks. 6 seats. And six hours of nonstop laughter. A cartoon like menu for the drink specials. We had a coloring contest. He won. His prize, me doing a handstand and scorpion pose from yoga. Of which I still owe him. Tonight we are doing dinner.

So point is, smile, laugh, have fun. Bring out the best in someone. Be truly interested in who they are. And what makes them tick.