Sexless Relationship

Remember A? Teterboro Awaits and  the one with whom I awaited vulnerability, emotional intimacy, continuity. My steps and breaths now in New York find themselves alongside his. My nights, more often than not, are next to him in his lush bed. His arms wrapped around me, with my dog, we are now a family. . . . to be continued


A death, a city life

The air is not as thick. The noises more frenetic. My eyes are fixed on red bricks and white paned windows sprouting out of Bleecker Street. The cars and people passing are out of eyes view and I think of my life, this box that I now inhabit once again versus the expanse I roamed. The cars scream instead of the ocean. Concrete awaits me as opposed to sand. I never said goodbye to Puerto Rico. The life of cadence simply paused. But as days pass the life that was mine evaporates into something I cannot resume.

A death. A memorial is required. I am losing something and I don’t know how to say goodbye.