I long for one more dance

Text from Caballito: “I guess you don’t want to see me anymore, right? I will stop insisting eventually don’t worry . .  . ”  

My companion. The smiles, the ease, the comfort and the dances– the memories remain. The words on this blog cement them. The emotions I survived, the attachment to a connection that remains unparalleled. A connection that was never intended to be more. 

And a text received Sunday. I do want to see him. I feel his longing, his missing me. But my life no longer affords him a window. Perhaps, the window will reopen. But the longing is what I find most intriguing. For my emotions past written are now his.

Timing. Sliding doors. Life. And I think of S. And the Impulsive Gentlemen. And a pile of coins. Hands. Time. Options.


4 thoughts on “I long for one more dance

  1. My ex called me yesterday. They always come (crawl?) back, yet, likewise, I filled up the void, and even if I went back, I don’t know where I’d find time for him. He says he called to see how I was doing, and perhaps this is true, but it feels good to know that taking him back is no longer a phrase in my vocabulary. Beautiful write.

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