Love and lust. An exploration continues.

I hesitate to write for I wish I could pen a fairytale. This does have the makings, but I pulse the brakes. Create a million stops, hoping I will catch up–but so many miles lie between your emotions and mine.

. . . I am not sure what it is I have learned, but I am learning. Every night he asks me the same thing, and my response remains. “It’s a possibility.”

It is too soon. And that he knows. What if I said yes– that I would marry him. What then? I would wear a ring and he would gain some sense of being able to maintain the happiness that has permeated his life?

Falling in love is a cathexis and if ever, this is one to note.  His words echo mine of S. And I realize that the act of falling in love, the lust, is much about feeling one with the other. Feeling complete, a superior you. He has changed at work and has closed a deal a day since we met. He stands taller. He wakes up earlier. Healthier. He feels like a better person. Effortless. High.. Genuine. This cathexis. This falling in love. I am the most important thing to hm. The feelings so deeply felt they need not be questioned, he wants to marry me, and would tomorrow.
My life is full of my passions and many of which are his, albeit dormant. And I suspect that when you meet someone who brings you closer to your own values, your own desired self, the feeling of love pervades.

I am the most important thing in his life right now and I feel it every moment, so much so. It is painful. This week was spent sharing time with friends, mine and his. We shared an evening with my colleague, T, the one person who is akin to family, the person who I believe my path thus far was intended to meet.

He had just arrived from a long five day love affair, although the lover is in New York, a relationship unfeasible, but it was a weekend of intimacy and passion at its best. We spoke about how difficult it was and the Impulsive Gentleman interjected, “That’s how I feel but there is no water in between. Every night I go to bed and I long for her (me) and she is within a drive’s reach, but I can’t see her.” The pain of which this was said was incredible..

I am continuing the process of getting to know him. I love the time we spend together, but it is not lust, not close. I laugh and find myself at ease. a slowly growing love. With his heels over his head, everyday is me pressing the brakes. Everyday is a mix of suffocating and enjoying. I find it curious. This gradual accumulation of feelings, my antiquated belief was in instantaneous.

His only goal is to make me the happiest woman for the rest of his life. He is patient and lacks frustration. This I admire, but I am mixed with doubt and concern that I don’t crave him enough ….

We will see. For now I unpack the dozen roses I just received,


5 thoughts on “Love and lust. An exploration continues.

  1. I love, the way you wrote this post…It is so fresh, so pure. I can relate to this, I was with a man like that for a couple years; the sun set & rose on me. But although I brought out the best in him, I suffocated, I kept myself in a cage for his own reassuring. When I left, I felt free, alive, like I could think & not have guilt drown me. I didn’t love him like that, he tried, but he knew that I could never give him the part of me he craved for.
    Very beautiful. God. I’m feeling it.

  2. This sounds like it’s bittersweetly difficult, I can’t help but feel this is moving too fast. Sometime it’s nice to just sit back and relax. Do you want to marry him ? X

  3. he once asked me, is there a phrase like ‘ i m in lust with you’…

    and your post brings me back there and yes, the freshness is welcoming 🙂

    i love it

  4. I came upon your blog through Gosling’s Aerie and so glad I did. You are a very good writer penning your feelings in such an expressive manner that the readers can feel your emotions. I take it this is your life you are writing about yet it seems like a ongoing narrative of a very good book — it is all in the way you write it.

    I will certainly be adding you to my bloglist…

  5. I’m new here. Call me E. I too am struggling with the “not craving enough” Some days I feel fulfilled to the brim and then it rushes away. This is so unsettling. I’m glad to not be alone.

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