This is not fiction. “Engaged” or in spanish, “Comprometido”

It was Friday. I agreed to lunch with the Impulsive Gentlemen. He showed up at my office, dapper as always. We go to the Parisian Bistro (yes, in Puerto Rico). He orders a bottle of wine to which I agreed to one glass. We joke, laugh and enjoy our meal. Before I rush back to the office, he questions, “Will you marry me?”

My lips form a smile and my eyes pierce his. “It’s a possibility.”

The spontaneous trip was only a week ago, the first time I had seen him outside of social settings or meetings. And honestly, I still am deciding whether I am ready to date him. This lunch is our first reunion since our trip to BVI.

And this marriage talk, is surely just a joke.

“We must have forgotten our wedding rings at home”

I joke back,”I will start putting a ring of sunsceen around my finger so atleast I have a tan line.”

Our kids will be named Stephan Andre (insert fancy royal sounding last name here) and Andrea Stephania. I simply smile.


“What dress will you wear tonight?” (We are going to the Phanton of the Opera.)

He is to pick me up at 7pm. At 6:40, I text him

“Navy blue.”

“What is it like?”

“Backless, halter, long.”

7:00 He is in the courtyard leaning against the bricks. Waiting as I descend. He opens my car door and I get into the Black SUV. He enters the drivers side and hands me a beautiful green box. I open it to find an amazing silver bullet clad with little diamonds and long silver earrings. He reaches over and carefully puts each long silver earring in my ear and secures the stunning silver diamond bullet around my neck. I catch my reflexion and I am in awe at myself. I notice the audience from outside. He turns the ignition on, turns to me and says, “One more thing . . ”

He hands me a ring- a canary diamond with diamonds on the side. White gold. It fits like a glove.

I thought it was a joke. A mother’s ring, or fake, or something from somewhere. But then, he later mentioned he bought another one. “I would marry you tomorrow.” White diamond and gold. So I can match it with what I am wearing . . .

“Compromised,” he says. Words being lost in translation. I think, how appropriate. Yes, I am most definitely compromised.


5 thoughts on “This is not fiction. “Engaged” or in spanish, “Comprometido”

  1. …. this reads like twilight. It’s such an amazing love story, I hope your heart is in it as much as his. He seems like a keeper, a COMPLETE keeper, where do you find such beautiful people? Perhaps a trip to Puerto Rico is in order? 😉

    What a wirlwind, can’t wait for the next chapter.

    (p.s, thank you for your lovely comment, I read it on my way to work, 8.30am, having a shit day, feeling insecure and you really turned that around for me, I appreciate it a lot)

  2. Tobeme- yes, you are very right. Time to tread carefully. I must say I was not caught up in his actions, rather drowning- ready to flee . I keep thinking of your words on my last post- “vanquish your fears”. This week has been one of the worst for me. I have felt incredibly suffocated and drowning in pressure. Finally communicated today and he was rather on the same page and understanding. No pressure. So, now I am just enjoying, one day at a time.

    Dadshouse- yes, and I can’t wait to read about it. Get on it.

    katie- Do come here to PR. My doors are open for you. Be careful though as you may not want to leave.

    My heart is feeling open and where it should be at the moment. Yesterday, I couldn’t have said the same. But, through soul searching i realized that emotionally available guys impose quite a risk. You can’t venture in with no risk. But, I suppose risk isn’t always bad. And I am glad my comment made your day. I truly meant every word

  3. Congratulations to you:) Or, at least while you’re figuring it out. No, risk isn’t always bad. One has to risk to truly live life. DO have a long enough engagement to know if he is whom you wish to be with, “compromised,” until those moments also pass into eternity. — Robin

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