I have encountered an unfortunate recurring problem. With each extreme high, I dance. Enjoy. And then sink. Today I drove. Thinking of how grateful I am for my life. In disbelief. And now, I sit. Empty. Shake it. I say. S. Work. Dreams. Stress. Balance. Moments out of movies. And then a lull. Mundane. And disconnected.


4 thoughts on “Rollercoaster

  1. Perhaps we all have this type of feeling because I too know how it feels to stop and think “wasn’t I just driving with the windows down and smiling?” It’s tough. Ride the highs when you get em.

  2. it’s true. the happy, high-flying moments come and go so fast. i agree with the above comment, ride them and enjoy them when they come. live in the moment with them, and then remember them when the moment passes.

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