The fallen flowers are hula hoops. A finger, come hither.  I should be dancing and swirling within. My hands (and  elation) should be in the air.

Yet, I am leaning against the taupe concrete, simply watching. The gray skies creating goosebumps. I had to come outside. I couldn’t breathe. Hollow. However, I met the death in the air.  There is no reprieve here. I pace. I stare at my reflection. I want to sit. Rest my head within my hands. Want to cry, but there are no tears, there never are.

We finally signed. The deal. The reason I stayed. I pressed forward and drafted my excitement. The to field taunted me. With each name I started to type, I pressed delete to each letter. There was no one.

No constant. No recipient for I already started building my cage. A cage to protect. Others.

But I am left ravenous. Craving a him to my her.  




3 thoughts on “Alone

  1. “I am left ravenous. Craving a him to my her.”

    For two days now I have struggled to write in a page the mirror of what you wrote in half a line. I will continue my effort for the sake of my own sanity, but whenever I finish I will know that my words are at best imprecise.

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