Pet peeves intrigue me


I simply cannot understand why the cleaning lady must come clean my desk while I am at it. Every morning, without fail. She waits until I am in my office, to come. I must stop what I am doing while she takes her Fabuloso soaked rag across my desk. My papers moved. I must then get up from my seat . . awkwardly dancing with the phone cord while she does this and that. I just don’t get it!!! 

And I don’t get why it bothers me so so much.

I have a feeling that pet peeves can be a window to your fundamental beliefs. (Similar to how personalities we dislike often reflect something in ourselves.) So, I have decided to start paying attention to all things that elicit strong emotions one way or the other. I discovered this weekend, something about the act of “Waiting.”  I was six years old, stranded at daycare. Waiting, always waiting. As a adult, I simply hate being early . . . 

Happy Monday . . .


5 thoughts on “Pet peeves intrigue me

  1. That would drive me insane, absolutely. At my old office, I swear the bathroom cleaner WAITED until I came out to take my first coffee whiz of the morning to swoop in and make me wait for 10 minutes while he cleaned it. Every day, without fail.

  2. Happy Monday indeed. I empathize with your cleaning schedule problem. The cleaning ladies at my office do the same thing. At night. When I’m racing to finish something before the late Fed Ex drop. That, apparently, is the time of day I care most about whether the trash is very nearly empty or totally so…

    But I wonder more, now that you’ve theorized on your hatred of being early, about my hatred of being late. 🙂

  3. Wow… Upon some reflection, I have to agree with you. My pet peeves are also a window in to my world.

    I had the opposite reaction to waiting for hours sometimes way past the “pick up” time at day care and school and friends houses. I hate being anywhere late now and I hate waiting on others even more. I rarely or ever ride with people, pick them up, go places with them – I only like meeting people places for this very reason.

    I despise waiting on others – I want to be able to leave whenever I want . Wow… this was a long comment clearly you’ve triggered something! Thanks!!! haa haa.

  4. i have never thought of this.. i suppose there’s something to it.

    our cleaning ladies come after hours. i’ve never seen them. i thought that’s the way it should be. so, that is pretty weird. it would annoy me too.

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