The Shy Dance of Lovers


I wonder if you feel the same way. It has been two weeks, and I felt shy. I believe you did too. The same reason we were unable to change our habits and immediately escape to your bedroom upon my arrival. Finally retiring when the wave of sleep sifted over us.

Same habits. You go to the bedroom. I finish washing up. The comfort of the routine. We bring our respective glasses of Crystal Light into the bedroom. You are in bed. I walk in. I say what I say every evening. “It is freezing!” as if I am shocked and have never entered this incubated freezer. You respond with the same response, a laugh, “Come here, under the covers.” This time, you refrain from saying, “you will be grateful shortly.”

Perhaps, it too presumptuous.

The dance of becoming reacquainted.

 I get in bed. Your arms wrapping me in an effort to warm me. The feeling of your arms. I exhale now at the memory of the comfort.  My limbs relax and I press myself into you. I moan. The familiarity. You pull me closer. We kiss.

Your lips feel tighter. Your kiss restrained. Your hands travel my body. My hands rediscover your perfect ass and the pronounced arch of your muscular back. The progression stalled. More kisses, somewhat looser. You kiss me hard and I remember the kiss that changed everything, that made this our destiny.

I sit up and straddle you. Small kisses down your stomach. My hand caressing your thighs. Reacquainting. You are in my mouth. I know you.

You have to be inside me. You flip me around and enter. You say my name and fall into me. Our eyes meet, our astonishment at the feeling and this is why we are both addicted.

In sync.

Estoy aqui con mi companera. You said earlier to your friend on the phone. You still don’t know I understand. But, yes my companion, I do . . .








7 thoughts on “The Shy Dance of Lovers

  1. That’s hot. Funny you mention the cold room – I had girlfriends (and a wife) who always complained when it was cold. And I always had other heat-related thoughts, so I never noticed the chill.

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