Being Forward versus Being a Gentlemen.

Ok. I am speechless. A guy contacted me a month or so ago with an email regarding business and networking. We met for coffee in the West Village. He was great and sweet. I was a little perplexed as to why he was reaching out for me, but he subsequently made some great introductions that may benefit my work. After our coffee, he pressed to meet for lunch or later that day. Ok . . . did he like me? This was odd. I left for PR and he kept in touch and requested to meet upon my return to New York.

We just did. I am working at the coffee shop and he stopped by to share a coffee. We spoke shop-talk (about work) and about other random topics, none of which seemed flirtatious. He just left as I am busy with work and i just received the following text:

“If I’m too forward let me know, but your place later sounds amazing . . . Would mine, but they are working in it now.”
WHAT??? Flashback to this weekend. I must have a tattoo scrawled across my forward saying “I live in two places and am the perfect girl for NSA”, or maybe I am just irresistibly sexy fuckable.

Can you at least pretend to want to get to know me? 

On another note, as I just finished typing this, the person he introduced me to for work, just asked me out via email, “I hate doing this over email, but I can’t find your #. So, would you like to go out for dinner sat night?  I’ll get you a wine/champagne spritzer since you’re not a heavy drinker.” I wish I was attracted to him. 

Men are exhausting.



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