I really behaved this year . . .

Upon reading the apple homepage, I saw “Have they been really good this year? Shop the online apple store.” I imagined the parents they were targeting. I envisioned myself with children as the holidays near, asking myself absurdly, “was little Attainingme really good this year?”

This lead me to wondering what exactly would distinguish a child being specifically great one year? A child who started exhibiting kindness, generosity, and focus? I would hope that these traits would be required and not distinguishable from year to year.

I realized the fallacy of really in this question. Really implying better, change. As such, I realized the change I truly want to reward and instill IS the ability for a child to change.
As habitual creatures, inability to change can lead to our defeat. Fear of failure, addiction, repeatedly procrastinating, repeated mistakes . . . What a great gift to give a child the power to reinvent . .
Now, I wonder what other things and lessons I want to teach my children. I recall as a child thinking I wish my parents knew this or that. And I can only imagine a parents’ worries and responsibilities makes it rather easy to lose sight of the larger goals, easily forgetting the small events and lessons that imprint on our children.

I think it would be interesting to make a list of the traits I want my children to have. To revisit such a list when I am in the throes of parenting would likely validate how difficult raising children is and perhaps, it would also remind the future me to not lose sight of the big picture.


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