One night in October, a cab ate my credit card.

As I jutted downtown in a cab from the Upper West Side at 11pm, I realized I wasn’t sure where my bankcard was. As I regularly only use this one, I searched my huge purse and wallet frantically, wondering what else I could possibly use. I took out a Discover Card, which has only been used for a balance transfer.

With it on my lap, I continued to search for my bankcard. By the time we reached 20th Street, I could no longer find the Discover Card. Windows were closed. No doors had been open. Now, I had lost my mind and/or two cards. Perhaps, the cab ate it! An inch crack in the back of the seat sneered at me.

Upon arriving downtown, the cabbie offered that we would find it—it couldn’t have possibly disappeared. He took off the seat. Nothing. I felt that it was in the trunk. He said impossible. I ran upstairs and borrowed cash from the subletter. I gave the cab the money and searched for my mind, hoping it would be easier to find.


One thought on “One night in October, a cab ate my credit card.

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