Challenges-our greatest supporter

All is stable. A foundation. A contentment. I realize that life will upset this. Upset that of which feels so secure in this moment. And I write this now acknowledging that a future entry will include frustration, that I will think of how erratic my life is. How my life’s emotions lack permanence. 


However, I write this not to undermine the happiness felt in life’s higher moments by the knowledge that the future inevitably will retaliate with lows. But, I sense any seismic shift is when its time to move on. Now, I feel calm. My life far from ideal but the foundation is there as if my current life is an expression of my ideals, as if I am finally aligned with my soul. In the right place. Doing the right thing. 

Should my mission, values, goals change and my life not follow, challenges will be presented. Helping me change, to realize a limiting quality within me. SHould I not listen, the challenges will grow. I wonder if there is a greater gift.


2 thoughts on “Challenges-our greatest supporter

  1. One of my favorite sayings is: The universe dreams a bigger dream for you than you can dream for yourself. It’s wonderful when you are able to tune into the magic of that dream. I do believe that things get ‘easier’ in some ways when you stay true to your purpose.

    At the same time, there will always be obstacles. Since I’ve started writing more regularly, my perception of obstacles is slowly shifting. Obstacles are still annoying, frustrating, and stressful, but I figure I can always write about them. That helps put them in proper perspective. It helps them seem a little smaller and a little more manageable.

  2. Ditto what Cindy said.

    Also… I have read that our purpose on earth (what our souls are looking to attain) is the experience of life.

    The all-knowing soul KNOWS what “hot” is in a this-is-how-the-universe-works way but it wants the EXPERIENCE of hot… so you might burn your hand on the stove.

    A second way to look at it is that our reality is based on opposites. In order to have tall, there has to be a short because tall is only tall in relation to short.

    So, bad experiences happen so that we have a relation point in which to experience good. 🙂

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