Alternatives to sleeping pills?

I couldn’t sleep last night and i desperately needed to as this week is a huge work week for me, or at least, I hope it is. Regardless, I laid in bed reading a book that has me mesmerized by its prose. I don’t even know the name as the book has not been closed since I started it. I should have been writing my list of desired attributes in a guy like Cremelloquarterpony and Cindy have done, however I don’t fancy writing in bed and waking with a black mustache or other ink tattoos, not to mention ruined sheets. 

So, there I was reading as the hours passed and I realized that Attainingme is not normally one with insomnia, I am from the other camp- those that completely pass out and never go to bed until said passing out. I wondered if it was my failure to eat dinner, instead opting for two glasses of champagne hours earlier as I laid in my girlfriend’s bed, grateful for her television in the background to alleviate the pain of writing my bio for my company’s press release. (Yes, I live in an empty apartment on the Island, only my dog and the waves to provide distraction.)

So, then there i was at 2am, having been in bed for 2.5hrs, replacing a need for sleeping pills with a hunch that food would do the trick. I venture into the kitchen. Red wine! I pour myself a 10 oz glass and search for some carb, or sweet, or something that would induce that serotonin-filled calm . . . nothing. Just fruit, eggs, fish, spinach, water, frozen veggies and some condiments . . .argh. I turn the oven on to 400 degrees and stick an apple inside. I then boil water in a pot and drop in an egg. 

Ten minutes later I am in bed, reading again, drinking my copious glass of red wine, eating a baked apple with sweet balsamic vinegar and of course, an egg. 

I never finished. I feel asleep. This morning-a huge bordeaux glass next to my bed, a cup of balsamic aging not so nicely. Sadly, as I went to pick up the glass, it shattered and my floor was rendered burgundy. 

I think of my concoction. And think I am crazy and yet, rather intelligent. For as much as I would never promote my story to anyone I know, I was successful. However, I think my wine glass did me a favor by breaking  . . . I should not become the crazy lady eating concoctions like I was pregnant in bed at 2am. Any other ideas?


3 thoughts on “Alternatives to sleeping pills?

  1. No – stick to it, if it works 🙂 Might be a new one for the back label : ‘Beautifully aged red with sleep induction properties’

  2. ‘Beautifully aged red with sleep induction properties’ . . . that either sounds very sexy or dangerous. Regardless, I like it. How about I compromise . . . I will stick with the wine and lose the food concoctions. Deal?

  3. It never occurred to me to bake an apple. Interesting. The food worked, though, didn’t it? You were left with the evidence (a.k.a. mess) the next morning to prove its effectiveness. It’s important to balance out the wine (no matter how wonderful it is) with food.

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