Changing directions

It is Monday afternoon, and after a weekend of reflection, activity, turning off my mind and productivity, I am in a much different place than last week. A rather productive Sunday afternoon tending to my overwhelming to-do list sufficed to give me a light-hearted energy today. Of course, I am back to procrastinating . . a coffee would do wonders to reverse this temporarily lag. Regardless, I do need to note how great it felt to tackle so many things this weekend. I look at my weekend to-do list, complete with 8 categories: $’s (obligations and bills and monies owed to me- stressful always), relations (a list of approx. 17 people whom I owe phone calls or want to send a quick email to in hopes of providing these friendships with their necessary sustenance), family (same as above directed to family members), Big picture (taxes, writing, learning spanish, budgets), errands, apartment (stuff to buy as I just moved), activities (haircut, playa, yoga, run, party) and work (referencing two full pages of work to do’s) and I am proud to say this list achieved + 50% completion. I tend to have a problem throwing away these lists as I look at them as if they were awards, badges of success. Logically, I now write them in a book. 

So my Sunday night ended with a satisfaction, my Monday morning a relaxed can-do mentality and my current mood, back to normal. I reread my entries from last week and feel as if I must be on rollercoaster for this weekend was a reprieve from the crazy energies of last which I have since learned were linked to the new moon. 

So, now my thoughts are floating in new directions–

I think perhaps, I don’t want a relationship (the antithesis of what defines my normal desires) 

I also am utterly excited to see my mother next week in California (i have purposely not for almost two years) 

I wonder have I turned a new corner? . . . .


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